Ember Moon Explains How She Was Badly Injured During A WWE 24/7 Championship Segment

Back in November, WWE Superstar Ember Moon explained on WWE Backstage why she’d been off TV since September: A badly ruptured Achilles tendon. On that show, she didn’t go into exactly where or when the injury happened, but she’s now shared the full details.

On Booker T’s Hall of Fame on YouTube, Ember revealed that she ruptured her tendon chasing Carmella and R-Truth for the WWE 24/7 Championship. She prefaced the story with “I don’t want to talk about it. It’s so sad.” (transcript via 411Mania)

…They were like, ‘Hey Ember, you’re in the 24/7 Title run, because Carmella won the night before’. And I was like, ‘Oh, shit. Y’all sure? Y’all sure y’all need me for that?!’ I just — you know whats weird, is like when you know you have a bad feeling about something? So I had a feeling and I was like ‘Oooh, do we? Okay cool, you know what? Team player, screw it. I got this. I’m in.’

I think all the other girls were wrestling that night. So I think it was me, Mandy, Sonya, Asuka, Kairi maybe? There were only like five of us doing this run. And so, we’re do the run throughs, and everything was nervous because it’s west coast, so we have way less time to prepare for the show … so we do the run-though, boom, right? And I told Truth, I was like, ‘Truth, you better run, I’m gonna catch you, Truth. If I catch you, I’m tackling you and you’re going down.’ And so when we actually did it, I literally caught them right before we went through the curtain. So they go through the curtain, and they didn’t realize how close I was behind them … So we go through the curtain. As I’m coming through, the curtain shuts, I open it, go through. Truth is dropping Carmella, and it’s like from me to you [just a couple of feet] and I’m going full speed. And I had to hit the brakes. I was just like, ‘Whoah,’ BOOM, and I felt a pop.

At first she didn’t realize how serious the injury was, and even when she sought treatment the problem was misdiagnosed at first.

So we went and took pictures of it and called WWE because it freaked me out. And I was like, ‘Something is wrong.’ But I was in no pain, no swelling, no bruising, nothing … And so I called one of the doctors, was like, ‘Hey, something’s wrong.’ And they’re like, ‘What’s wrong?’ I said, ‘My foot isn’t working.’ It was one of those really sad conversations, because it’s like I need to go get an MRI, I need to go to an ER, but I wasn’t committed to saying I was hurt …He goes, ‘All right, well we’ll get you an MRI tomorrow morning at this place. Just go.’ So I go to the doctor the next morning, and — because they basically thought it was a different tendon. Which they’re like, ‘Oh, you just sit out three weeks and you’re fine. This is what I think it is, but let’s go get an MRI, make sure, blah blah blah.’ So I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s only three weeks.’

And then I get there, the doctor basically sits me down, he’s like, ‘What’s wrong?’ I tell him what’s wrong and he’s like, ‘Huh. How are you walking?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know.’ And so he basically touches the back of my heel, and he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, you ruptured your Achilles.’ Just like — no MRI, no nothing. And I was like, ‘Mmmm…no.’ I did not believe him because I talked to them, they had given me the best-case scenario here, and I’m like ‘No, brother, we’re gonna do this MRI tonight.’ And so he said, ‘Well, I’m getting ready to go.’ And I’m like, ‘Well I’m-a need to get an MRI.’ So I go get the MRI, send it off to WWE, and I mean, they sent me a picture back, and it’s clear as day. Just, I mean, I am not a medical professional by any means, but looking at it, like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s torn.’

Ember is vague about when she might be able to return to wrestling, but emphasizes that returning too soon would be dangerous because of the risk of re-rupture. Hopefully she’s able to safely return before too terribly long, and find a storyline worthy of her talent when she does.