Emma May Have Suffered An Injury During A WWE House Show In Liverpool

Back in May of last year, WWE Superstar Emma suffered a back injury that required surgery, and it happened not too long after she made her re-debut on the main roster after being recalled from NXT. The injury kept her out of action for months, and according to Emma, she was kept off television for a long time after she was cleared to return.

When Emma finally made her return to TV, it was in a series of vignettes promising that “Emmalina is coming.” The vignettes aired for so long that they became a meme, and then a running joke. When Emmalina finally did debut, it was to announce that Emma would be coming back. Now Emma has indeed been back for a few weeks, and was just starting to get back into the thick of the Raw women’s division, as well as beginning a cat-and-mouse story with her former henchperson, Dana Brooke.

And while we’re hoping and praying that this turns out to be basically nothing, it seems possible that Emma’s horrible luck has struck once again. During a match at a WWE Live Event in Liverpool on Sunday, Emma appeared to suffer a shoulder injury in a match against Sasha Banks.

During Banks’ signature knee-drop to a middle-rope draped opponent in the corner, Emma appeared to land awkwardly. The referee immediately called for a stop to the match, and Emma walked to the back, holding her shoulder.

Emma tweeted about her own bad luck and indicated she’s waiting to hear the diagnosis.

So it looks like neither Emma nor we have any further word about the severity or any other specifics of this injury, but we’re certainly hoping it will be nothing serious and that she’ll be back in action very shortly.