Emma Reveals She Was Actually Cleared To Return To WWE Six Weeks Ago

Back in May, during the glut of WrestleMania season WWE injuries, Emma suffered a back injury. It required surgery, putting her on the shelf for an indeterminate amount of time. News of her successful surgery broke on May 19, which now means she’s been off WWE television for four months. Even her “Taste of Tenille” YouTube cooking show has been dormant.

Over the past weekend, Emma returned to action — sort of. She appeared at a WWE Live Event in Louisville on Friday as the special referee in a six-woman tag team match.

This led to rampant speculation that Emma would make her return on Monday’s episode of Raw. Unfortunately, she never showed up. But she did send out a tweet that was certainly eyebrow-raising.

Emma claims that she was cleared to return to the ring six whole weeks ago, which would have been at the beginning of August and would have potentially allowed her to compete at SummerSlam. It also means she had one of the shortest recuperations from back surgery that we’ve seen in a while.

This is certain to raise a whole bunch of questions about why she’s being kept off television while both shows are experiencing thin rosters, and why she wasn’t used on Raw if she’s already back on the road for Live Events. Maybe she’ll be popping up on Smackdown on Tuesday night. But you can bet we won’t hear the last of this until Emma is finally back on our televisions.