WWE Superstar Enzo Amore Said He Got His Concussion Because Wrestling ‘Isn’t Ballet’

Enzo Amore and Big Cass [last name redacted] were Jonathan Coachman’s guests on Tuesday’s weekly “Off the Top Rope” segment on ESPN SportsCenter. As usual, they brought the thunder with Enzo’s trademark gift of gab (although his gift of jab remained mercifully unused).

During the interview, Coachman brought up Enzo’s concussion, which Amore once again referred to as a “hard sneeze.” Enzo went on to elaborate on his injury:

“Actually, I hit my head on the mat. That’s what caused the concussion — what I like to call a hard sneeze. But you know, what we do — you don’t see me wearing slippers. I wear Jordans when I’m in the ring, alright? This isn’t ballet, you know? Things happen. The squared circle’s no pretty place to be and there’s nothin’ sweet about it. At the end of the day, I’m blessed to be here and make a comeback and be in this ring and I’m all the way up.”

(And of course, we’ve already heard Steve Austin’s take on the injury. Let’s all just be glad that Enzo and Cass are both back on our televisions every week.)

Enzo went on to clarify that he’s definitely not sawft, which I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now.

Coachman started off the interview by asking what Enzo and Cass mean by saying they’re the realest guys in the room. Enzo answered that in short order, and the two went on to explain why they’ve been such an instant hit with fans both in NXT and on the main roster.

[protected-iframe id=”f9c239bef1d9a6bc0bfea78fb1217e2a-60970621-10222937″ info=”ESPN” width=”650″ height=”366″]

We fully support Enzo and Cass getting more television interviews and mainstream exposure. Here’s to the forthcoming world takeover from the realest guys in the room. How you doin’?