Watch WWE Star Enzo Amore Freestyle Over A Fat Joe Track

It’s no secret that we here at With Spandex are massive fans of Enzo Amore. We appreciate that he received his certification as a G and that his bona fides as a stud are beyond compare. Enzo, who is essentially a hip-hop, swagged-out Mogwai, recently left no doubt that he is the realest guy in the room when he posted this Instagram video of himself freestyling over an instrumental track for Fat Joe’s “All the Way Up.”

Not bad, ‘Zo. Not bad at all. Of course, we knew that he had SOME chops, given he raps his and Big Cass’ theme song (which completely rules). But now all we want him to do is show off his freestyling skills all the time. DROP THE MIXTAPE, ‘Zo.

And if you’d like to compare Enzo’s flow to the original track, watch the video for “All the Way Up” right here:

We’re super, duper glad that Enzo is back on television every week and that his injury a couple months back didn’t keep him out of action for longer than it did. Now if WWE could just stop referring to the injury every single time he shows up, that would be even better. Hey, maybe they can start talking about his awesome freestyle skills instead! That would be a nice change of pace!