Rejoice In The Fact That This Enzo Amore Cruiserweight Replica Belt Isn’t Actually Real

Enzo Amore is your new cruiserweight champion and nobody is happy about it. Everyone on 205 Live is upset and everyone who watches 205 Live is upset. Apparently more people are watching 205 Live than ever before (according to Forbes), and they are all probably upset, too.

That Enzo Stock (ticker symbol: HOWUDOIN) we all purchased the Monday night after WrestleMania last year may be plummeting faster than any wrestler’s stock since … Tyson Tomko?

The only good thing about the reign so far is the conga line of cruiserweights (led by Braun Strowman, the contrast to all cruiserweights) annihilating “Jersey’s Finest.”

Trust me, it gets better each time you watch it:

If you missed Enzo’s 205 Live debut as champ, on Tuesday night he talked about his mother crying at the sight of her son being jumped by his colleagues. No word yet on what we should do if she saw the worstest belt in the room:

Sure, Enzo isn’t directly responsible for what you see above. The Reddit user who designed this belt is talented at graphic design and adept at translating someone’s brand onto a wrestling belt. But good lord, let’s cross all the fingers we have that this belt doesn’t see the light of day … or Amore’s waist.

The creator of this monstrosity gets credit for creativity, but the concept of Enzo getting a customized strap is making me ill. Here’s hoping WWE creative doesn’t see this because if they do, it’s definitely going to be available in the Shopzone by this weekend. Then Enzo is going to make even more money, making him even more insufferable.

I’m calming down by reminding myself that the strap could be worse — it could be decorated with Amore’s tattoos.

If you want to jump in the Reddit thread to give the creator your two cents, it’s right here.