Enzo Amore Tells The Stories Behind His Exceedingly Goofy Tattoos

Enzo Amore is currently setting the world on fire as part of the hottest act in all of WWE. Enzo and his partner, Big Cass, are so popular with wrestling fans right now that they just finished giving John Cena a popularity boost. And in between white-hot promo showcases on Raw, Enzo still has time to drop a freestyle or two.

So for those of you who can’t get enough Enzo Amore in your lives (which is probably pretty much every wrestling fan), the latest episode of the Corey Graves-hosted YouTube/WWE Network series Superstar Ink is pretty much a godsend. Part of Amore’s popularity is not only his personality and skills on the microphone, but also his outlandish, bizarre look … which is only enhanced by his gaggle of unorthodox and bizarre tattoos.

I, for one, am exceedingly grateful that someone sat down with Enzo to get the skinny on his goofy tattoos. His most notable is probably the microphone tattooed on his hand, which is such a part of his persona that he holds it up when taking photos with fans, and in most press photos. So it’s only natural that the story of Enzo’s tattoos would start off there.

It’s also fantastic to get more of Enzo’s history and learn more about the man behind the coke-addled Mogwai that he portrays on television. The important thing is that all of Enzo’s tattoos and his personality are based on having confidence, which makes so much sense.

But this is worth the watch for all the tidbits along the way. Those lips on his left hand are his grandmother’s! His Wu-Tang “Warrior” tattoo is for his high school, not for the Ultimate Warrior! He’s a huge fan of life! He has a Shawn Michaels/DX tattoo! And perhaps best of all: he has a tattoo inspired by the evangelical “Footprints” poem.

Enzo contains multitudes. I’m not entirely sure we deserve him.

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