Eva Marie Makes A Diplomatic Case For Donald Trump’s Love Of Mexicans

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TMZ hit up the Bellami Beauty Bar’s West Hollywood Cinco de Mayo party on Thursday, ready to learn how to perfect their brow shaping skills and ask hair extension purveyors tough political questions. One such faux-hair maven was WWE’s Eva Marie, NXT’s most hated and most contoured female performer. Though the shockingly ellipses-free headline “WWE’S EVA MARIE JACKET HOLDS ON FOR DEAR LIFE” may lead you to believe their article was about the former fitness model’s more…noticeable assets, the interviewer had another kind of boob on his mind:

TMZ: “But on the real, though, what do you think about Donald Trump saying that he likes Mexicans? Like, he said that today after having a little Mexican meal.”

Eva Marie: “I mean, I’m Mexican so, you’ve gotta like me, right?”

“I love you, but yeah.”

“Thank you. Thank you. You know.”

“But as far as Trump, do you believe him when he says that?”

“I mean … that’s a whole other story. Do you believe him?”

Eva Marie’s epic eye-roll and obvious mental calculation of how to be diplomatic towards an actual WWE Hall of Famer, presidential candidate, and friend of her boss is probably the most human we’ve ever seen her look.