Eva Marie Explained Why She Parted Ways With WWE

Eva Marie is no longer a WWE superstar as of a week ago because she’s concentrating on her acting career, which includes a movie she filmed with Nicolas Cage. She’s not done with WWE yet, though.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Eva Marie (real name Natalie Coyle) talked about how she has a great relationship with WWE and that she’s just focusing on other things right now. Eva is represented by the Garcia Companies (run by The Rock’s ex-wife Dany Garcia) and major powerhouse agency WME, so there’s a very good chance her acting career could take off. Here’s what she had to say about her relationship with WWE:

I have such a great relationship with Vince [McMahon], Paul [“Triple H” Levesque] and Stephanie [McMahon]. They gave me an opportunity to step away and film these two films I have done already, and you never know when that relationship will come back. So I might appear at a SummerSlam or WrestleMania. It just so happens that the wrestling craft, you have to be able to give yourself 110 percent to that. And then with acting, you have to do the same, so we decided together that with the films going back to back. I’m going to put my efforts into acting and growing that way. And then you never know: All Red Everything could come back and snatch that title.

It makes sense for her, and from the WWE side, too. If she keeps getting acting roles and is busy doing that then there’s no reason to keep her on the payroll. If the time comes where she misses WWE and wants to come back then it’s easy to see why WWE would welcome her back into the fold. After all, she got so much heat from the fans just for her entrance. There’s a lot of untapped potential with her character. Most wrestlers, men and women, would love to get the kind of heel heat that Eva gets.

Eva didn’t want fans to be left in the dark about what her status is, which is they mentioned her release last week.

The WWE fanbase is so fantastic. They’re so die-hard, and in the last 10 months, they have been asking, “Where is All Red Everything?” So both our teams came together and decided we need to definitely let the fans know what’s going on.

Eva also has big goals in becoming the first female wrestler to cross over to the mainstream, similar to The Rock and John Cena.

One hundred percent. I like to break barriers. As soon as I walked into WWE’s door, I was already thinking ahead of the game. There has not been one female to make that crossover and go back and forth and merge the two together. I want to bring the WWE universe with me into Hollywood as well as creating a new fanbase in Hollywood and bringing them back into WWE and having the two worlds collide just like The Rock. That was the game plan for sure.

It’s a lofty goal for Eva Marie, but also an admirable one. The difference between The Rock and John Cena with her is obvious in that they were long term main event wrestlers before they got into Hollywood while she barely scratched the surface in WWE, yet she’s already crossing over. Because of that, some fans may not view her as a wrestler that made it big in Hollywood (if she makes it big), but I think she should be applauded for working hard to get what she wants.

If you were sad about Eva Marie leaving WWE, you have reason to be optimistic about a return, because it sounds like she has an interesting plan for one day coming back.