WWE’s Fandango Has Way More Tattoos Than You Would Expect

Contributing Writer
07.14.17 3 Comments

Fandango is currently enjoying arguably his hottest streak in WWE right now, as he and Tyler Breeze are winning over scores of fans with their weekly (and increasingly bizarre) Fashion Police segments on Smackdown Live. Although he’s had various names, Fandango has been employed by WWE since 2006, if you can believe it. And here’s another something you may not believe: Fandango’s legs (Fanlegdo?) are almost completely covered in tattoos.

In the most recent edition of Corey Graves’ Superstar Ink webseries, Fandango showed off all his ink, and it’s really amazing what a pair of shiny pants can conceal. Write that down. Most of Fandango’s tattoos are inspired by bands and music, and believe it or not, none of it has to do with ballroom dancing.

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