Tyler Breeze Failing To Explain ‘Pokemon Go’ To Fandango Might Be The WWE Backstage Interview Of The Year

Pokémon Go has completely taken over the world. It’s time to just accept that as a fact and move on. We already know that WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut is a Pokémon Gym in the ubiquitous mobile game. Now, fresh off Breezango’s momentous victory on Monday night’s RAW, we have this absolutely delightful backstage segment where they pretty much terrorize Tom Phillips.

It’s almost impossible to watch this video without a big, stupid grin on your face. The disconnect between the backstage exclusives and what we actually get on the shows is ridiculous, but at least we get to watch this sort of stuff on YouTube. Fandango is such a charisma machine here that it’s unbelievable. “Run with me, Timothy!” will probably be entering my lexicon in short order. I already pretend to know what’s going on about as well as he does.

I’m not ENTIRELY sure that how Breeze is claiming to play the game is how things actually work, but I’m bad at both Pokémon and video games, and he certainly understands it a lot more than Fandango does, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Bonus points to Breezango and the Lucha Dragons for all cosplaying as Pokémons (Pokés mon?) in their match on Monday night.