The Final Deletion Sequel Promises To Be Even More Insane Than The First One

After the inexplicable success of whatever the hell happened during The Final Deletion, Impact Wrestling is taking us back to the Hardy compound for a sequel that promises to be bigger, weirder, and hopefully just as full of extraordinary xylophones.

Next week, Delete or Decay will see the Hardys (including the not so secretly amazing Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1) square off against The Decay, a trio of weirdos straight from the worst Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying message board of the nineties. Abyss, Crazzy Steve (the extra Z stands for BYOBB), and Rosemary will go to war because … well, because why the f*ck not, I guess.

King Maxel finds himself the object of desire for three people who have taken a few too many cues from Rob Zombie’s aesthetic stylings, and it’s up to the Hardys (including Reby with a sword because again, why not) to defend against their home invasion. During Matt’s match against Crazzy Steve in the Zone of Impact on Thursday, Rosemary and Abyss were already on their way to Cameron, North Carolina in a vehicle presumably fueled by the energy created by the massive eye-rolling at referring to Maxel as “Rosemary’s baby.”

You’ve got one week to get your velvet coats and sentient drones ready because Delete or Decay airs Thursday, September 8 on Pop TV.