A Celebration Of Impact Wrestling’s Bizarre, Inexplicable Matt Hardy Vs. Jeff Hardy ‘Final Deletion’

07.06.16 2 years ago 43 Comments

On its Tuesday night broadcast, Impact Wrestling took a detour to Cameron, North Carolina for their main event. Matt Hardy has been slowly but surely going off the rails for quite some time, and it all came to a head during The Final Deletion. If you thought a man willingly wearing embroidered silk cargo pants in the ring couldn’t get a any nuttier, boy howdy you are so wrong.

The set-up doesn’t require much explanation. The beauty of people flocking to The Final Deletion is that they weren’t required to be Impact Wrestling fans or know exactly what had transpired up until this point to understand that Matt Hardy really, really wants to kill his brother in his backyard surrounded by tiki torches for their son’s birthday. I mean, we’ve all totally been there, right?

We’re not going to make any attempt at a critical analysis (though lord knows there’s room for it). Besides, one member of the Uproxx team feuding with Matt Hardy is more than enough. As such, we’re just going to take it as it is: a ridiculous, completely bananas pro wrestling event that has more than enough fun, stupid sh*t for everyone to enjoy. Also: drone fights!

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