Finn Bálor Overcame The Odds To Become Intercontinental Champion At Elimination Chamber


It was somehow only three weeks ago when Finn Bálor challenged Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble. That match was built as an underdog story, with Finn as David to Brock’s Goliath. However, unlike in the Biblical story, this David failed to slay the giant, despite a strong showing in the match. Tonight at Elimination Chamber, Finn was up against another much larger man, Bobby Lashley, and not only that but Lashley’s hype man, 205 Live’s own Lio Rush, was added to make it a handicap match. Despite Bálor’s popularity with crowds, it was easy to imagine this being another instance where the odds that were stacked against him simply turned out to be too much, and we’d have to watch the underdog lose again.

Of course the other possibility, which was specifically raised in a pre-match backstage segment, was that Finn might be able to just pin Lio Rush for the IC Title, which Lashley looked worried about. As it turned out, Lashley was right to be worried, because that’s exactly what happened. While Lashley was down at ringside, Finn hit Rush with a Coup de Grace and pinned him to become Intercontinental Champion. Bobby Lashley reacted by attacking Lio Rush after the match, and storming out with his (presumably ex-) hype man flat on his back in the ring.