Global Force Wrestling Provided A Look At Their New Championship Belts

Contributing Writer
08.18.17 10 Comments

Global Force Wrestling — the artistic company formerly known as Impact and/or TNA — is deep in the thick of a marathon taping session of 12 episodes of television, likely the most dense taping session in the company’s long history. The tapings will be interesting for a whole bevy of reasons, not least of which because Alberto El Patron has been stripped of the world title and Tyrus claims he is sitting the tapings out due to mistreatment.

Global Force only recently unified its GFW titles with the Impact titles, and until very recently was using a combination of the original Global Force championship belts (created back when Jeff Jarrett was attempting to get his new venture off the ground) and the TNA titles (which still said TNA, even after the company officially changed its name to Impact). But it appears that for this new, gigantic taping sesh, they have commissioned all-new championships.

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