In Celebration Of The Great Khali’s Incomparable Instagram Account

The Great Khali returned at Sunday’s WWE Battleground pay-per-view to help Jinder Mahal retain the WWE Championship in a Punjabi Prison match. That sentence makes sense in the year 2017 … somehow. Anyway, even if this is just a one-shot thing (and it probably should be), this is The Great Khali’s first appearance in WWE since 2014, and he’s spent the past few years running his own promotion and wrestling school in India.

He has also spent some time cultivating what just might be the greatest Instagram account on the entire internet. We’re about to share some of the highest highlights with you, but we encourage you to stop by his IG account and drink in the glory of this bounty for yourself (maaaaaannnnn).

Let’s start with his most recent IG post before Battleground, where he totally nailed the fact that he’s a literal giant, and created some amazing modern art while he was at it.

LOOK AT THAT. No; really look at that. The composition. The hilarity. It’s … it’s perfect.

And his posts just before that, which were assumedly taken during his flight from India to Philadelphia for Battleground? Let’s just say, the guy knows how to take a selfie. And post two of the same selfie.

Yeah, those last two aren’t a mistake on my end. Those are two discrete uploads of what *I* have determined to be the same selfie, with very slightly different filters. Wonderful. Thank you for this, Khali. This is BY NO MEANS the only time that he has double-posted selfies on his account, by the way.

Dig the URLs on those. Different uploads. I love it. But he’s not just entirely selfies here, people. The man also, like any good IG user, knows how to take a picture of his meals. Or have someone else take a picture of his meal for him, anyway.

I’m assuming all that food is for Khali. The other people are there to guard his food, and make sure no one else accidentally eats any of Khali’s food.

And he is also good at having photos of him taken next to normal-sized humans, for scale.

And he is not above Throwback Thursday.

Or the occasional nostalgic shirtless pic with his good bros.

He’s only human, after all. A massive, massive human. Way bigger than normal humans. And with an Instagram account better than normal humans’, too! Thank you, Great Khali. Thank you for this gift you have bestowed upon the world via the Instagram service. We are all the richer for having experienced it.