Hacksaw Jim Duggan Thinks WWE Should Forgive Hulk Hogan, Because Reasons

When pro wrestling icon Hulk Hogan was fired from WWE and scrubbed from their history and Hall of Fame, many thought that was the end of The Hulkster’s legendary career. What they failed to remember is that Hogan has proven time and again that he’s a bald, orange phoenix, ready to rise up from the ashes of whatever controversy burned him to the ground. Triple H has already said he hopes WWE and Hogan can have a working relationship again, and rumors are — for lack of better phrasing — running wild that Hulk could be back in the fold as early as WrestleMania.

WrestleZone Radio sat down with one of Hogan’s longtime friends, inaugural Royal Rumble winner “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, to ask him what he thought of Hogan’s comments, and whether he thought Hogan and WWE would work together again soon. Duggan’s answer was direct: He thinks what Hogan said was blown out of proportion, and he’s happy nobody taped him being racist on a sex tape because brother, he is way worse.

From the interview:

“Yeah, I would hope so. I think it was a shame that the guy got branded like that. I know Hulk Hogan, he’s a friend of mine and the guy is definitely not a racist. I would hate to have people tape me at home when I go off about something. I cover everybody! I’m like Blazing Saddles! Ask everybody! To tape some guy at home saying something he said seven or eight years ago and blowing it totally out of proportion. The way the WWE reacted, I was kind of … I felt sorry for the guy. You would hope that the WWE would bring him back. The guy said something in the heat of the moment. Who doesn’t?”

I don’t think farting around a campfire is what Hogan got fired for, Jim. I wonder if Duggan ever got made enough in his private life to punch a horse? Also, Blazing Saddles had a context where the racist people were idiots and bad guys.

The worst part about anyone saying we should forgive Hulk Hogan is that the end result of forgiving him brings him back. Next time someone starts in about how the media made Hogan a victim and how great it would be to have him at WrestleMania again, here’s my suggestion: Reach into the front of your underwear, pull out a roll of tape and put a giant piece of it over your mouth.

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