Is Hulk Hogan Returning To WWE In Time For WrestleMania 32? Here’s What Everyone’s Saying

Disgraced pro-wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has remained surprisingly optimistic about a return to WWE since last July, when a leaked racist rant from a sex tape got him fired from the company and scrubbed from their history. He’s said multiple times that he’s still training for a match at WrestleMania 32 no matter what, and Triple H — a guy pretty instrumental in saying what goes in WWE — has publicly stated that he hopes Hogan turns his life around, returns to WWE and “makes amends with the world.” In WWE, you can never say never.

So, we’ve got a giant stadium to fill and an attendance record to break. Are we already not saying never?

Bryan Alvarez on an episode of Wrestling Observer Live mentioned that he’d been hearing the “Hogan returns to WWE” rumor everywhere, and that Hulk could be back with the company in 2016 … maybe even early enough for Mania. Somewhere, someone’s writing HOGAN SURPRISE APPEARANCE, APOLOGIZES, GETS INTERRUPTED BY RUSEV, HUMILIATES RUSEV on the white board.

Hogan, however, is denying the rumor, saying he hasn’t been in touch with anyone in WWE since being fired. As you know, Hogan is an extremely reliable source for information about Hulk Hogan.

So … Hogan is definitely showing up at WrestleMania, right? Rusev better start practicing how to get hit by a slowly raised leg.