The Broken Hardys Apparently Broke Into A Zoo To Film One Of Their Impact Segments

Senior Editor, Sports
07.20.17 4 Comments


We’ve written ad nauseam about the legal imbroglio between the Hardys and GFW (formerly Impact Wrestling). It seems like there’s an update on the situation a couple times a week, and yet it doesn’t seem like we’re any closer to a resolution than when Matt Hardy first left Impact and the company first hit the Hardys with a cease and desist related to their Broken Universe characters.

So for once, it will be a nice change of pace to reflect upon just how fun and insane those Broken Brilliance segments were, and how much unbridled glee was involved in the crafting of what may be the greatest thing Impact Wrestling ever produced, and perhaps ever will produce. It’s pretty established at this point that the Broken Hardys were the brainchild of Matt Hardy and Jeremy Borash, who produced and shot most of the wild stuff that went down on the Hardy compound.

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