A Florida Judge Is Allowing Hulk Hogan To Run Wild On Gawker’s Computer System

There haven’t been many victories for disgraced WWE legend Hulk Hogan in 2015. He’s locked in a sex tape trial with Gawker Media, which led to the release of racist audio that got Hulk fired and scrubbed from WWE. Media outlets have been trying to get Hogan’s court records unsealed, and he believes that Gawker is conspiring to ruin him for standing up to them.

On Thursday, Hogan finally earned a victory: A Florida judge granted him access to Gawker’s computer system, which Hogan believes will contain evidence that proves the gossip site was behind the audio leak. Hogan and Gawker have until October 15 to agree on a forensic expert to search Gawker’s office and computers, which seems a lot like sending somebody into a haunted house.

The judge also ruled against the unsealing of the court documents, including the sex tape itself. Gawker says they never received a recording of Hogan’s racist ranting and say they have “behaved honorably.” Is it possible for anyone on any side of a “gossip blog vs. pro wrestler lawsuit over a racist sex tape” to behave honorably?

Hogan, on the ruling: “It’s a beautiful day.”

Come on, man, “It’s a new day, yes it is,” was right there.