Hulk Hogan Teased An nWo Reunion With A ‘Paid Announcement’ Promo


It’s been 22 years since Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash flipped the wrestling world on its head when the nWo formed at Bash at the Beach, and apparently the Hulkster is ready to turn back the clock. Hogan dropped a “paid announcement” in similar fashion of the old WCW vignettes with Hall and Nash next to him before he spray-painted a World Heavyweight Championship in the short 16-second clip.

Hogan hasn’t tweeted any details on what the announcement could be other than saying history would be made again on Saturday, October 27, calling it the “biggest day ever.” According to Wrestling Inc, Hogan’s Beach Shop in Orlando was shut down in early August for a few hours while Hogan, Nash and Hall were inside with a camera crew. Whether this is an independent project or something for the WWE Network remains to be seen.

WWE has chronicled the nWo, the Monday Night Wars and Hogan’s time between WCW and WWE in depth, but it wouldn’t be a shock if Vince McMahon’s group was filming content for Network in light of the former champion’s return to the company. Hogan hasn’t been on WWE television since he was reinstated prior to Extreme Rules in July.