Hulk Hogan Says He Almost Did UFC, Has His Claim Immediately Shot Down By UFC Co-Founder

05.05.15 4 years ago 32 Comments

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Hulk Hogan’s been having some fun in Australia, hasn’t he? Apparently, Hulkster still thinks steamer-carried letters and homing pigeons are the only way Australians can communicate with the outside world, so he can say whatever the hell he wants over there. He’s gone on a spiel about how he wants to challenge for the title again at WrestleMania 32, and, in an interview with Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun, Hogan claimed that he almost got involved in UFC in the promotion’s early years. Ultimately, he had to pass on leg-dropping Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn because the sport was too darn violent

“We looked at it and it was very violent and the referees weren’t stopping the matches and letting guys get beat up when they should have been stopped. So we just didn’t want to have any part of it, but it’s become quite a phenomena.”

Riiiight. Of course, Hogan was in his 40s by the time UFC started, already broken down and more interested in Mr. Nanny sequels than getting legit punched in the face, but I guess we have no evidence that he’s lying. Oh, wait, we do.

Campbell McLaren, co-founder of UFC, immediately hit Twitter to crap on Hulks claims

Proof doesn’t have any particular bearing on Hulk Hogan stories. André the Giant died the night after WrestleMania III, he could have been in Metallica, and he came this close to running wild on UFC. There’s really no point in arguing these “facts”. I hope Hogan visits Australia again soon.

via the Herald Sun

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