Hulk Hogan Says He’d Beat Sylvester Stallone In A Shoot Fight, Because Of Course He Does


With his inevitable return to WWE looking like a done deal and re-contextualized ’80s classics in vogue, it only makes sense that TMZ Sports would talk to disgraced wrestling legend Hulk Hogan about whether or not he’d win a shoot fight against his Rocky III opponent Sylvester Stallone.

TMZ found the Hulkster in his element — hanging out with Jimmy Hart, wearing an Andre the Giant shirt, putting over his novelty beach store — and asked him a couple of times who’d win in a real fight between the characters from the 1982 film.

I was hoping his answer would be, “Mr. T would beat us both,” but after being asked the question twice, Hulk gave evasive but clear answers.

“If you guys went head to head, would he have a chance?”
“Look at him fishing, trying to come up with something. He’s trying to catch a Stallone fish. Yeah, Stallone’s a strong guy, what do you think I’m gonna say?”

“But head to head there’s no chance?”
“Brother, come on. Come on, brother. Come on, brother!”

Places your bets now on whether or not the real fight would go like the Rocky III version, with Hogan being bodyslammed over the top rope to the floor, or the Lonely Island version, with twenty-two consecutive sucker punch rights.