Hulk Hogan Defeated Gawker, And Now He Wants His Job Back

This week saw disgraced pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan score a major victory over Gawker in his sex tape trial, being awarded an initial $115 million in damages and an additional $25+ million in punitive damages. Now that he’s figuratively dropped the big leg, The Hulkster wants to put his life back together. For Hulk, that starts with WWE.

Hollywood (Hogan?) Life spoke to a “source close to Hogan” — 90% chance it was one of the Nasty Boys — and found out that returning to the company that scrubbed him from their Hall of Fame and history is the goal.

“Hulk Hogan is beyond pleased with the results [of the lawsuit] and is looking to get his life back in order. And he would love his job back with the WWE.”

Hogan’s kept a WWE return in our brains for most of the run of the trial, whether it’s taking bookings in Dallas on WrestleMania week or just blatantly saying he’s training for WrestleMania. Triple H has said he hopes Hogan can return to WWE one day and make amends, and trust us, crazier things have happened.

Of course, you have to point out that the sex tape wasn’t the reason Hogan was fired from the company. There was the issue of the extremely racist things he said during it. What do you think? Is Hogan ever coming back? And by “ever coming back,” we mean “at WrestleMania in a couple of weeks?”