Hulk Hogan’s Being Offered A Spot On Celebrity Big Brother, Brother

Hulk Hogan’s got a lot of time between now and his inevitable in-ring return at WrestleMania 32, so why not warm up his acting and physical confrontation chops with a return to reality television?

According to the Daily Mirror, The Hulkster has been offered “big bucks” to join the cast of Celebrity Big Brother. The show apparently needs a marketable star, and Janice Dickinson isn’t cutting it.

I hear Channel 5 bosses hope the colourful American, 61, will be a major talking point in their UK v US special series this summer.

Model Janice Dickinson has been signed for a reported £300k, and a source said: “Hulk is a big name. He’s known for being opinionated.”

Hogan previous starred in Hogan Knows Best, a reality show based on how great he is at having a family, which he now credits for ruining his marriage and being a negative influence on his kids. Whoops! Hogan’s biggest concerns at the moment are getting medically cleared to emasculate Rusev and preventing Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake from forging his signature at comic conventions, so maybe it’ll work out better this time.

Per my understanding of British television, here’s what the show will look like: