Anthem Sports Has Officially Launched The Global Wrestling Network

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10.10.17 7 Comments

Despite all the seeming turmoil going on right now over at Anthem Sports — the parent company of Impact Wrestling, which probably isn’t Global Force Wrestling anymore, unless it is, or unless they’re partnered with them or something, who knows — they still believe that now is the best time to launch an over-the-top streaming pro wrestling network, akin to WWE Network.

As of Tuesday, the dream of the Global Wrestling Network is now a reality. The Network has been launched, and you can find what redirects to be the Impact Wrestling landing page right here. If you sign up for the Network (the first 30 days is free, which is a novel concept!), you get to watch absolutely everything TNA/Impact has ever done, all the way back to the original weekly pay-per-views ca. 2002.

But as of right now, there is a TON of stuff that you can watch just for free. Scroll down in the library and you’ll see that most of the stuff is locked, but there is a lot of content (like the old TNA Epics weekly series, hosted by Mick Foley!) that you can stream to your heart’s content, and there is a LOT of good stuff in the TNA archives, despite the bad rap the company has gotten over the years for silly storylines and behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Because “good wrestling” has always been a component of TNA, regardless of what the company was called or who was running it at any given time.

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