Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Made A Stirring Hype Video For The Cubs Before Game 6 Of The World Series

11.02.16 1 year ago 5 Comments

In the past couple of years, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts has gotten back on the right track after a lifetime of hard and dangerous living. Diamond Dallas Page is the man who pulled him out of his spiral and helped him out through cohabitation and yoga and tough love, as documented in the Resurrection of Jake the Snake documentary that has earned the duo rave reviews. Roberts is doing well and now he’s branching out from wrestling to baseball, as he has thrown his hat (snake bag) in the ring to support the Chicago Cubs in the World Series against the Cleveland Indians.

On Tuesday, Roberts posted the above video on DDP’s YouTube page. It’s a pretty classic (brand-new) Jake “The Snake” promo, even if it’s a little weird and coming out of left field (baseball term). He threatens to DDT the Indians, which seems like it’s not allowed in the MLB rules. If he did it out of the Cubs dugout, some people would get tossed and fined. If he did it coming from the stands, well, he’d be charged with felony assault. Either way, the Indians would probably play the game under protest.

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