Jeff Hardy Tried A Table Spot Swinging From The Top Of Hell In A Cell

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Jeff Hardy finally got a chance to compete in a Hell In A Cell match for the first time in his career on Sunday night as he took on Randy Orton inside Satan’s Structure.

The match opened the main card, with Hardy promising to do something unforgettable inside the cage. The two fought a brutal match that wasn’t exactly going at a fast pace, as one would expect with these two, but it did feature some nasty spots. There was Hardy getting sent through a ladder turned upside down by Orton on a reversal of a suplex attempt.

Orton also went after Hardy’s gauge holes again, this time using a screwdriver to pull on Hardy’s ears in a disgusting spot. Hardy attacked Orton’s back with some vicious chair shots, busting him open, and later hit a Swanton Bomb onto a chair that was on top of Orton.

However, that wasn’t enough to put him away, so Hardy decided to go for an even bigger spot, getting Orton onto a table and looking for the leap frog drop from a smaller ladder over another ladder. However, the cage was too short so he changed his mind and climbed onto the cage and began swinging, planning on dropping onto Orton that way. Orton rolled out of the way and Hardy slammed through the table.

Orton covered Hardy to the chagrin of the referee trying to get EMS into the cage, and Hardy was stretchered out (although no X was thrown up by the ref, so it would seem the spot went as planned). I think the spot was supposed to look cooler than it actually did. I’m not sure if there was supposed to be more than Hardy just free-falling through the table chest first, but, while certainly dangerous and painful, it wasn’t exactly the big finish people were hoping for out of the match.