Jim Ross May Be Injured After An Unplanned Spot At NJPW’s G1 Special

NJPW World

While the neck injury to Hiromu Takahashi was by far the most frightening moment from Saturday’s New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Special In San Francisco, precious Hiromu’s not the only star leaving California with an injury. Announcer Jim Ross took an unexpected fall during the IWGP United States Championship match and thinks he may have broken a rib.

Ross tweeted an injury update on Sunday:

For the record, the ‘bump’ I took at ringside at #G1SanFrancisco was not storyline driven matter nor was it discussed. I think I broke a rib. Couldn’t put my roller bag in the overhead today after a sleepless Sat night.

If you didn’t see the match between Switchblade Jay White and Juice Robinson, first of all, watch it. It’s great. The incident happened near the middle of the match, when White continued to assault Robinson by throwing him into (and through) several ringside security barriers. White gave Juice a suplex into the loose railing in front of the announce table, and the force of the rail pushed into the table, which knocked the 66-year old Ross to the floor.

Here’s the move in GIF form. Keep your eye on the right side of the screen, where Ross is sitting.

NJPW World

Unfortunately for White, Ross’ announce partner is former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett. Barnett chased White into the ring, announcing that Switchblade had “fucked up.” That’s one way to put it! We wish Good Ol’ JR a quick recovery from the injury, and probably that White stays away from Josh Barnett for the rest of his life.

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