Jim Ross’ Thoughts On Why Raw Has Gotten Such Bad Reviews Lately

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.07.18 24 Comments

If you’ve been reading our Best and Worst of Raw column lately or, you know, watching the show yourself — which not a lot of you are doing, apparently — you know that it’s been pretty bad lately. By pretty, I mean “extremely,” and by “bad,” I mean “an exercise in dystopian futility with a future so dark even light cannot escape it.” Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the highlight of the show is Bobby Lashley bending over and slapping his own ass, so.


Our criticism for the show boils down to nothing making sense, nothing entertaining happening, and a total absence of internal logic for characters or character consistency. If you won’t take our word for it, perhaps you’ll listen to the man who called more good episodes of Raw than anyone, Jim Ross. On his podcast, Ross agreed with at least one of our talking points: that there’s no character consistency, and that they’re losing diehard fans and casual fans by not knowing how or why the wrestlers are wrestling.

From JR:

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