Surprise, This Week’s Awful Raw Got Terrible Ratings


It turns out that when you make a bad show, people might just decide not to watch it. This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, which most agree was not good, got the lowest ratings of any Raw in modern history, beating out the previous holder of that record, the episode from October 1st of this year. While Raw was bad this week, it’s probably more relevant that it was really terrible last week, which would be the thing (in addition to Monday Night Football) that might stop people from tuning in the next time around.

On the Wrestling Observer’s Figure Four Online, Dave Meltzer pointed out that the first hour is what dragged the viewership down:

Both the second and third hours were above last week, but the difference was a first hour drop from 2.61 million last Monday to 2.26 million this week. Raw overall was down three percent from last week, which was the fourth lowest number in the modern history of the show.

Overall, Raw ranked ninth in ratings among cable shows, with everything above it being NFL-related. So as bad as the show’s been lately, we all know there’s a seasonal factor that always has an effect. It’s just that the effect seems to be getting larger lately.