Watch Joey Ryan Propose To His Girlfriend In The Middle Of Their Inter-Gender Match

Joey Ryan has been one of the big viral wrestlers of the last few months thanks to his penis that bodyslams opponents. He’s since signed to Lucha Underground, but he’s apparently also still doing his indie thing as demonstrated by this match for Finest City Wrestling in San Diego. Ryan knows how to make his mark and decided to up the ante on a typical inter-gender match by coming up with a swerve ending that we’ve never seen in wrestling before.

Ryan was wrestling his real-life girlfriend, Laura James, and stopped mid-match to get his ring and propose to her. It’s absolutely beautiful. Needless to say, her answer was a foregone conclusion. I mean, the guy can suplex people with his penis. Who says no to that?

After James said yes, Ryan hit her with a small package (hiyo!) and stole a win. Then they kissed some more. Somewhere Jim Cornette is typing a sternly worded Myspace post about the death of kayfabe and how professional wrestling has been ruined.

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