John Cena Doesn’t Think He ‘Buries’ Young Talent At All, Thank You Very Much

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06.08.17 11 Comments

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It took like, what, 15 years? But pretty much all of us have come around on John Cena at this point. For the better part of a decade, there was rampant mumbling and/or grumbling about Cena being “forced” on fans and “holding down” or “burying” young stars. Sometimes, these criticisms were warranted (*cough cough Nexus* ahem excuse me), but now we more or less agree that Cena was and is a generational talent who earned his spot and deserves (for lack of a better word) his success. Besides, we’ve all moved on to complaining about Roman Reigns, anyway. That’s the new hotness.

Anyway, Cena is well aware of the line on him that he’s supposedly been responsible for murking up and comers, but he doesn’t agree with the criticism at all. Cena recently spoke to The Wrap and bristled when asked about whether he’d “buried” talent in the past, responding to the recent example of his verbal sparring with The Miz leading up to WrestleMania 33.

In Cena’s estimation, it’s not that he held his opponents down; it’s that they didn’t step up. (No word on whether they Stepped Up 2 The Streets.)

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