John Cena Is Hosting This Year’s ESPY Awards, Jack

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.19.16 6 Comments

John Cena doesn’t return to WWE TV until Memorial Day, but he’s already announcing his next major gig. According to announcement made by Cena on Thursday, Big Match John is taking his show hosting prowess and knowledge of pro sports to ABC as the host of this year’s ESPY Awards.

The announcement:

Former ESPY hosts include original host Dennis Miller; comedians like Joel McHale, Norm Macdonald and Seth Meyers; actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Tony Danza (!); and athletes LeBron James and Lance Armstrong. If we can’t get John Goodman back to host (as he did in 1995), Cena’s a great choice.

Here’s hoping that the ESPY Awards end with Seth Rollins returning, Curb Stomping Cena in front of the terrified Golden State Warriors and announcing himself the new host of the ESPYs.

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