John Cena’s Shoulder Surgery Was Successful, So Now He Can Hurry Up And Start Recovering

WWE dropped the the bomb on another injury they had been keeping quiet: John Cena would have to undergo surgery, and could be out for Wrestlemania. The bad news is this could cause him to miss WrestleMania. The good news is that his surgery was a success, and he’ll probably be back pushing through injuries on the insane WWE schedule in no time.

At this point it’s an easier task to name the members of the WWE roster who aren’t injured than to run down the list of ones who are. Sasha Banks is apparently the latest be added to that list, though the injury is undisclosed at this time. Hopefully it’s just “hey she stubbed her toe but we’re not taking any chances so she has to live like Bubble Boy for a week and be protected at all costs.” I fully support that, to be totally honest. Just don’t go falling in love with Marley Shelton, girl.

If for some reason you want to check out all of the gross, black and white photos of the actual surgery, posted a full gallery. I know wrestling fans can be invasive, but I’d rather know what the inside of Cena’s swank-ass bathroom looks like than the inside of his shoulder cap. There are, however, pictures of a recovering Cesaro tucked in there. Hey, wouldn’t it be great if the pictures we got to see of our favorite Superstars weren’t taken inside a hospital? Sigh. Maybe one day.