John Cena Will Undergo Surgery And Could Miss WrestleMania

The WWE injury plague has gone from fluke spell to full-on code red freak out extinction level event as PWInsider is reporting that John Cena may have torn his rotator cuff. He goes into surgery on Thursday and the injury could sideline him for six-to-nine months. This, of course, would rule him out for WrestleMania and threatens the rumored money main event of Cena vs. Undertaker.

Of course, Cena has come back from injury before, once returning months early from a torn pectoral muscle to win the Royal Rumble. There’s also the possibility that the injury is not as severe as a tear and could be slightly more minor (though Cena’s Twitter sounds disconcerting). Be that as it may, the WWE is looking at trying to get 100,000 people into an arena with no Cena, Orton or Rollins, among other names. At least the Rock will be there, so maybe the event will just be him singing about Fruity Pebbles for four hours.

At this point, WWE really has to look into what’s causing similar injuries for wrestlers across the board and if time off is the right move going forward. Maybe putting a “bump count” on wrestlers will help or trying to refine the technology of the ring itself could curb neck and shoulder injuries that seem to be popping up like crazy these days. All of that is too late right now for Cena if he is in fact going to miss ‘Mania. The company might be better off putting the rest of the talent in bubble wrap until April because nobody is safe.

If only there was some new talent out there they could get on the card…hmmm…