John Cena Spent His Monologue Fending Off Wrestling Challenges From The ‘SNL’ Cast

Pro wrestling fans have been on pins and needles waiting for the John Cena-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live ever since it was announced (which luckily wasn’t that long ago). The Face that Runs the Place has been woefully absent from WWE programming since No Mercy back in October, so not only was this a chance to see Cena on a completely new stage (literally), but it was the first time we’ve seen hide or hair of the guy in two months, other than the occasional movie trailer or commercial.

Cena started things off, as the host is wont to do, with his monologue. I guess he shouldn’t have challenged the SNL cast members to a fight in that promo, because they pretty much all came looking for one, including Kenan Thompson breaking a chair over his back, in fine vintage wrestling action. As expected, they’re hitting the ground running with the pro wrestling content and goofs, because you gotta play to your strengths. Love that subtle political joke, though. We’re picking up what you’re putting down.

Luckily for Cena (and us), everyone was completely disarmed by Cena’s natural charisma. I imagine receiving a compliment from him is like feeling the sun on your face on a beautiful summer day.

Maybe later, they’ll play to Cena’s other most notable strength to date: having a big old wang. That’s what he’s second-most famous for, right? Someone back me up here, please.