John Cena Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ Next Week

Remember the first time that The Rock hosted SNL, and we were all blown away by his versatility and crossover charm and appeal? That was all the way back in the Mummy 2/Scorpion King days. The dark ages. Now The Rock has hosted SNL four times and is the biggest damn movie star in the world. I’m not saying it was a result of his first hosting gig, but it sure didn’t hurt to knock the socks and/or pants off of America when helming the pop culture institution.

John Cena has been ratcheting up his assault on the entertainment business, and he’s about to take a Rock-sized step, to match his enormous johnson in Trainwreck. Next week, he’ll host SNL for the first time.

Weep, WWE fans, for we are likely in the last few years of Cena as primarily a pro wrestler. He’s done gigs similar to this in the past, like hosting the ESPYs and guesting on Maya & Marty, but it’s hard to argue this isn’t a gargantuan move for him (and a huge score for WWE).

During the Rock’s first hosting gig, when he was still very much a full-time WWE wrestler, he brought along Triple H and Big Show for cameos. Will Cena follow suit? Will Dean Ambrose pop up to get his weasel juice all over Studio 8H? We’ll have to tune in next week and find out.