John Cena’s Theme Song Is Now Being Used To Sell Toyota Camrys

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09.04.17 11 Comments

Some of y’all like him and some of y’all hate him, but there’s no denying that over the past several years, John Cena has become more and more a fixture of the general pop culture landscape. Chalk it up to a combination of his breakthrough role in Trainwreck and the “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA” meme, or maybe it’s just a byproduct of having been on the top of the pro wrestling world for like 15 years. Being popular for that long in any niche is bound to raise your awareness in the larger cultural milieu.

Regardless, Cena has become more and more of a part-timer in WWE as he’s become more and more of a general personality outside of it. He’s landing lead roles in blockbuster films, voicing kind elephants and bulls, hosting popular daytime shows, and is, of course, continuing his work as a generally inspirational dude in his spare time.

When you’re a wrestler that reaches this level of exposure and ubiquity, even your theme song becomes iconic. I guess especially when you’re the one singing the theme song. At any rate, Cena’s “The Time Is Now,” which he has been using as his entrance music for over a decade now, is suddenly being used to sell Camrys, as it is the soundtrack to a new spot from Toyota that is officially entitled “Strut.”

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