Here’s An Update On How Long John Cena Will Be Away From WWE TV

09.28.17 6 months ago 3 Comments


It’s never too hard to read the tea leaves and figure out when John Cena is planning on taking an extended absence from WWE. This time around, it was even more obvious than usual. After losing to Roman Reigns in decisive fashion at No Mercy, Cena took a minutes-long curtain call where he basically said goodbye to the WWE Universe.

After No Mercy, Cena stopped by Raw Talk to rawly talk about whether this means he’s hanging up his jorts for good and retiring. He’s not, but he insinuated that he might officially be shifting into part-timer mode for the time being.

It was also easy to tell that he was taking time off, because of him being scheduled to take time off to film Bumblebee, a Transformers spinoff that he has a lead role in. As a human!

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