John Morrison’s First WWE Appearance In Eight Years Was On The YouTube Talk Show ‘The Bump’

When John Morrison will make his return to the WWE ring is still unknown, but this morning, he made his return to WWE programming on the company’s morning YouTube talk show The Bump.

Official WWE talk shows have been a surprisingly large part of this era of Johnny Company Name’s WWE career so far. After the news that the forty-year-old was coming back to the company broke in September, WWE “reported” it as breaking news on WWE Backstage earlier this month. Today, rather than returning with a surprise appearance on Raw or Smackdown or as a Royal Rumble entrant, John Morrison returned for a sit-down chat with Kayla Braxton and The Bump’s other hosts.

Morrison is on about fifty minutes of this week’s show. His WWE accomplishments are listed and what he’s been doing since he left the promotion is mentioned, with Impact, Lucha Underground, and AAA name-dropped along with now-WWE wrestlers he worked with before they signed. Morrison and The Bump crew also watch some of his WWE highlights like his win of the third season of Tough Enough. This show even includes the reunion of The Miz and Morrison through a satellite call and the two watch a clip of them as The Dirt Sheet.

He’ll probably still get a big pop if/when he returns in the Royal Rumble, but a talk show appearance is a less than thrilling way for Morrison to return to WWE programming after an eight-year absence.