Even John Oliver Is Calling Out WWE For ‘Crown Jewel’ And Its Relationship With Saudi Arabia

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.15.18 33 Comments


As a wrestling blog, we’re sort of beholden to post updates about the upcoming WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia even if it’s not a regular pay-per-view, and we believe it shouldn’t be talked about as if it is. With a #CancelCrownJewel hashtag going around, actual U.S. senators calling on WWE and WWE Hall of Famer The President to pause the event, and the Washington Post giving WWE a monkey’s paw version of the mainstream press it loves, all eyes are on WWE; do they cancel the event entirely, change the location and move the important matches to Survivor Series, or just move forward as planned (which is what they’re reportedly currently doing)?

The story’s become such mainstream news that John Oliver talked about WWE and Crown Jewel on Sunday’s episode of ‘Last Week Tonight’, which you can watch a clip of below. Oliver — who once cut a promo with Mick Foley on ‘The Daily Show’ and has an entire stand-up bit about John Cena’s announcement of the compromising to a permanent end of Osama Bin Laden — brought up Greatest Royal Rumble’s weird propaganda video, Cena’s in-ring thank you, and more.

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