Jon Moxley Explained Why His WrestleMania 32 Match With Brock Lesnar Was A Failure

06.03.19 3 months ago


Now that he’s left WWE, made his debut in AEW, and made plans with New Japan as well, Jon Moxley is gifted with a new freedom to tell the truth about his experiences working for WWE under the name Dean Ambrose. His interview with Chris Jericho last week got everyone talking, and now he’s also spoken to The Wade Keller Pro-Wrestling Podcast about similar topics. On Talk Is Jericho he touched on a wide variety of problems with WWE, including Brock Lesnar, but Keller gave him a chance to go into detail about the much discussed match between Ambrose and Lesnar that landed with a thud at WrestleMania 32 in 2016.

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