Kanye West Is Trying To Get Together With Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan And ‘Every Awesome Wrestler’

Saying that Kanye West is busy lately would be a grave understatement. Not only is his Twitter feed igniting the national dialogue on Cool Pants, Butt Stuff, and Bill Cosby, but he’s also got an album dropping tomorrow, and he’s just changed the title of it yet again. (Remember when it was still So Help Me God? That feels like a lifetime ago.) Only content to do things in the most Dethklok manner imaginable, Yeezy Season 3 begins with a sold-out New York Fashion Week event at Madison Square Garden. And if this tweet from West is any indication, he might be looking to stack the guest list with pro wrestling royalty.

You guys… Every awesome wrestler is invited. Chad Gable and King Cuerno, get on the next flight to NYC! There’s no real rhyme or reason for this invitation — it’s not even confirmed that this is in reference to the Madison Square Garden show, it’s just a screenshot with no context — but I’m more than willing to cross my fingers and hope that some kind of meeting eventually happens. The list might not even stop with Hogan and Flair. Look who else wants in on this!

I can see it now. Hogan tries desperately explaining to Kanye that he’s not a racist by claiming he was originally going to be the fourth member of Run-DMC, but his story is cut short by a Camel Clutch out of nowhere. Flair, in the meantime, makes a beeline for the bar. What a fun mental image! I don’t think anything could possibly ruin it.

…no. NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. You take your evil elsewhere, you cancerous growth on the foul, pendulous ballsack of Satan. Ugh, I hope an MMA fighter tweets something hostile at you.

You know what, that’s enough internet for today.