Ken Shamrock Made A Shockingly High-Flying Return To Impact Wrestling At Bound For Glory

Ken Shamrock made his return to Impact Wrestling competition at Bound for Glory and though his match with Moose had been in the works for a while, the way it played out came completely out of nowhere. Along with his more realistic signature moves, the 55-year-old MMA and pro wrestling legend broke out some high-flying, hitting two tope con hilos.

And did you think that Cain Velasquez was the only UFC icon who could start hitting hurricanranas past the age of 35? Well, the World’s Most Dangerous Man is here to tell you you’re wrong.

Shamrock didn’t completely defy his age in this match and, besides his impressive physique, one wouldn’t confuse him for a wrestler in his prime. But these moments in his match with Moose were a spectacle as pop-inducing as the crazy ladder spots earlier in the show. While few would probably call Shamrock vs. Moose the “best” match of Bound for Glory 2019, it was certainly one of the most memorable.

After – actual spoiler alert – he lost to the former NFL player, Shamrock tweeted, “Thank you to the fans for your support. I gave it my all tonight but it just wasn’t enough. I don’t know what comes next.” Not saying I’m encouraging this, but I think it could be a shooting star press.