Kenny Omega Says He’s Fine Taking A Backseat In AEW: ‘My Current Dream Is Seeing A New Generation Thrive’

There’s no question that Kenny Omega is the top star in professional wrestling who has never worked for WWE. (Well, sort of.) The man’s put up more five-star matches in the past few years than anyone else, and there’s a reason why he’s called the Best Bout Machine by many.

But since the creation of All Elite Wrestling, Omega has floundered in the midcard more than anyone expected. He has yet to compete for the AEW World Championship, and he’s lost every big pay-per-view match he’s had in the company. Among many fans, Omega doesn’t feel nearly as special as he did during his past run with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

In a Twitter Q&A session earlier today, a fan asked Omega about this very issue, and Omega was very honest in his answer:

“I lived out mostly all of my dreams during the last run I had and now a big part of my current dream is seeing a new generation thrive.”

It’s strange to some to think of Omega as not being a part of the new generation of pro wrestling, but consider this: He’s only 36 years old, but he has already been wrestling for 19 years. Omega’s wrestling style is incredibly physical, and he’s, in his own words, “always injured,” so maybe him stepping back is what’s truly best for business. His AEW contract runs until 2023, though, so there’s still plenty of time for a championship run with the promotion he helped create.

Other highlights from Omega’s Twitter Q&A include his thoughts on AEW having intergender wrestling (“hopefully soon“), if there’s an AEW video game on the horizon (“we can almost talk a little about it“) and if we’ll ever see the dream match between himself and AJ Styles (“It would take one phone call“). Quick, somebody pick up the phone!