Watch Kevin Owens’ Shocking Return To NXT At War Games

On Monday night’s episode of Raw, Triple H attempted to make the case to Kevin Owens that the “main roster” of WWE has never understood him, and that he should return to his former home, NXT, permanently. The scene ended with a Survivor Series t-shirt battle and a sneak attack from the Undisputed Era, so Owens never gave an answer.

At NXT TakeOver War Games, we all saw the answer.

After a ton of speculation and rumor on who the fourth member for Tommaso Ciampa’s War Games team would be — we’d heard everyone from Triple H to the Velveteen Dream — the fourth man ended up being KO, complete with his original NXT gear and entrance.

Adam Cole’s face says it all:

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If your first thought was, “so did Owens immediately turn on them, or what,” you aren’t alone. Even Adam Cole thought it was a possibility, offering him membership in the Undisputed Era if he threw up their gang sign. Owens instead delivered a D-X crotch chop and hit Cole with a Stone Cold Stunner. No word yet on whether Owens is back indefinitely or if this was just a one-shot to promote Survivor Series, but the more long-lost NXT characters we can get back, the better.