Somebody Adopt The Late King Kong Bundy’s Beloved Cats, For The Love Of God

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If you were heartbroken when you found out wrestling legend and former WrestleMania main-eventer King Kong Bundy passed away earlier this month, prepare to be heartbroken in an all-new way today.

According to a Facebook post made on Thursday, Bundy (real name Chris Pallies) left behind a group of adorable house cats that need new forever homes, and will presumably need some time to get used to being around normal-sized human beings instead of gentle pro wrestling giants.

From the Courier Post:

Since his sudden death on March 4, Gloucester County animal welfare groups have taken in four of the wrestler’s fur babies — Stewie, Paige, Gio and a senior cat named Pat.

Pallies owned about 10 cats, according to Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue founder Suzanne Pomeroy whose agency is helping to find new homes for the animals.

Pallies, an Atlantic City native who made Gloucester County his home, was a “fantastic kitty lover,” Pomeroy recalled.

The pictures and descriptions of the cats available for adoption need to go after the break, because ah jeez.

There’s Stewie, who “misses his daddy a lot, but he’s doing the best to keep his spirits up until he finds a new human to love.” Paige is “sad and lonely and just wants someone to love again” after a “wonderful life with her human daddy,” and Pat is a 15-year old senior pet without any teeth. We don’t usually reserve spots on this comedy wrestling blog for PLEASE ADOPT THESE PERFECT CATS posts, but come on.

If you’re anywhere near South Jersey and want to preserve the loving memory of a wrestling legend through cuddles, this is your chance. At least go hug Pat a bunch, you monsters.

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