Kurt Angle’s Choice Of An Ideal WWE Opponent Might Make You Very Happy

Ever since the first rumors of Kurt Angle’s return to WWE, we — like every wrestling fan — have been dreaming and speculating and hypothesizing about when he would return to the ring, and who his opponent or opponents might be when (if?) he finally does. While the actual rumors that have surfaced might be somewhat disappointing or anticlimactic, Angle is still publicly talking about all the different options that would be great for him.

His latest pick for an ideal opponent is one that, frankly, just makes my little heart sing. In an interview with Esquire Middle East, Angle brought up one person on the current roster who would just be a dream and would make perfect sense: Rusev. You know what? I AGREE.

“There are obviously a lot of guys out there [who would be a perfect opponent] but one that I think I could have a really meaningful feud with would be Rusev. I really like the way he competes in the ring. I love his persona and I think I’d be able to have a nice program with Rusev. He’s a very talented individual, and I think that the clash of our styles would work very well.”

We already miss Rusev desperately, and he was definitely one of the dream opponents that we’ve thought of for Angle many times, but it’s extra special to hear those words coming out of Angle’s mouth. (Or … I guess read the words that came out of his mouth. Whatever.)

Olympic hero vs. Bulgarian Brute? Everyone needs to shut up and take my money as soon as humanly possible. Please.

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