Kurt Angle Believes WWE Is Monitoring Him Before Asking Him To Wrestle Again

05.03.17 12 months ago 11 Comments

Kurt Angle has already brought intensity, integrity, and intelligence back to WWE Raw as its new general manager, but wrestling fans everywhere are still wondering when the Hall of Famer will lace up his boots again … if ever. Angle himself hasn’t made any secret about the fact that he wants to get back in a WWE ring as a wrestler, but he has said his current deal with WWE doesn’t include any physicality … yet.

In a new interview with WrestleZone Radio, Angle maintained his assertion that he will wrestle again, but he believes WWE is keeping a close eye on him until they’re convinced none of his past demons or issues will come into play again.

He also said that no one in the company has even asked him about wrestling, as of yet, but he is confident it’s only a matter of time.

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